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Our goal is to help our customers from all over the world solve the problems they have and help the world become a better place. 
We value Planning Project, Consulting Company, all Producing, AI. AR camera and Promotion.

Response to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)
We use the real-time online map of Johns Hopkins University (COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)) to visualize the infection status of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and get the latest data on the status of infection in the world.

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Connecting overseas and Japan beyond the language barrier. Flexible response, flexible communication strategy, flexible service provision. Creating a flow of people and activating space.

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Enjoy the remote work environment with each self-discipline.

about me_Hiroo Ito_伊東寛雄

ITO Hiroo

chief operating officer / COO

  • Tokyo/Japan

About me
Completed the Department of Life Sciences, Graduate School of Agriculture, Meiji University. Joined Gurunavi Co., Ltd. in 2016 after experiencing planning and development at a furniture manufacturer in Aichi Prefecture and sales, planning and production of pamphlets, WEB and videos at an advertising agency.
In charge of planning sales promotions for the Japan Tourism Agency and companies, directing membership-based web services, and launching new businesses for chefs and producers. We are looking for ways to support each chef / producer by focusing on their thoughts and creativity. Joined the YouTuber office in 2016, which has a close relationship with a major entertainment agency, and engaged as an executive member while being closer to the creator than anyone else as the person in charge of advertising sales and management. Since 2020, as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SHISEI LABO Co., Ltd., he has been responsible for the execution and promotion of overall business and contributes to business growth. In May 2020, we started providing the service of “foodots.”, a video WEB media where all people from all over the world, including chefs and producers, can gather and share different kinds of things. Currently, we are mainly engaged in activities to expand partnerships with people involved in food in order to maximize the value of providing services.

about me_Teruko Yamamoto_山本光子


Chief Strategy Officer / CSO

  • Tokyo/Japan

About me
Director and Secretary-General of the Japan Winery Awards Council.
Visiting professor at Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Food Management
Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Hokkaido University in 1983. After working at Japan Recruit Center, Seibu Department Store Headquarters Sales Planning Office, and Sapporo Seibu, she started working at NTT DoCoMo Hokkaido Co., Ltd. as a sales promotion manager and a marketing manager
2004 Dentsu Hokkaido Co., Ltd. Directed as a project manager for the 1st Japan-China-Korea Tourism Ministers’ Meeting, Toyako Summit Memorial Hokkaido Environmental Comprehensive Exhibition, Ezo Sika Deer Utilization Promotion Project, Ainu Culture Awareness “Iran Carapte Campaign”, Food and Environment / International Forum, Michelin Guide Hokkaido 2012, etc.
2014 Gurunavi Co., Ltd. Senior Executive Officer, General Manager of Promotion Department. Multilingual acceptance environment improvement business, Japanese rice export promotion business, LIVE JAPAN business promotion, etc. on wide-area sightseeing tour routes.
She has a strong relationship with chefs, producers, and tourists from all over Japan, including Kyoto. Member of the Hokkaido Transport and Transportation Council.
Member of Hokkaido Singapore Friendship Association. Member of the Japan Society for Public Relations. Member of the Japanese Sauna Society. Bordeaux Knights Commandour.
Since 2020, as a director and CSO of SHISEI LABO Co., Ltd., she has contributed to the planning and execution of medium- to long-term business strategies.

about me_Hideyasu Shimazu_島津秀泰

SHIMAZU Hideyasu

Head of Video Content and Broadcaster

  • Tokyo/Japan

About me
In May 1996, as an exclusive broadcast writer for TV production company Locomotion Co., Ltd., where Terry Ito has been the representative director since the 4th year of university, he has been involved in numerous programs for more than 20 years, making use of his experience, and now SHISEI LABO Co., Ltd. As a content manager, he is involved in business planning, sales strategy, and marketing in general, and contributes to the growth of business development.
Major production programs include “Gacchiri Monday,” “Future Century Zipangu,” “Yumesyokunin,” “Kyuyomeisai,” Nippon Television, “Beat Takeshi’s Super Translation Louvre,” NHK, “Doctor G,” TV Tokyo, and “Binokyojintachi.”
In addition, MX TV “TOKYOBOY” (Governor Shintaro Ishihara) was in charge of public relations programs in Tokyo from November 1999 to March 2014, responding to programs from programs and requests from Tokyo, since 2004. As the chief writer, he have been in charge of the overall planning decisions.


Instagram Marketer and Interpreter Guide

  • Saitama/Japan

About me
Graduated from the Department of International Tourism, Faculty of International Regional Sciences, Toyo University in 2019. While attending school, actively involved in international services such as short-term overseas training at Cal Poly Pomona University (California, United States), concierge service training at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel (Maihama, Japan) and Metro Hotel Marlow Sydney Central (Sydney, Australia).
At Cal Poly Pomona University, while taking a class on hospitality, under the reception manager of the current NY Times Square EDITION HOTEL, took training at the restaurant or hotel with local students
She also serves as a concierge at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel and Metro Hotel Marlow Sydney Central. After graduating from university, she joined SHISEILABO Co., Ltd. In 2020, she searved as a tour guide for experience activities that make full use of English for foreign tourists visiting Japan for one year.

about me_Kenichi Iwabuchi_岩淵健一


executive producer・Actor

  • Saitama/Japan

About me
The video specialist who has been involved in the planning, production, promotion, scripting, directing, and editing of movies and dramas internationally in the Japanese and American video industries.
Taking advantage of his entrepreneurial experience in the United States and Japan, his global perspective and strategic experience, he has created a project that is original.
Starting with the representative of WildBlue Entertainment (USA), after working in domestic and overseas video and entertainment business activities, he is currently in charge of video business management, medium- to long-term management, and overseas market development of SHISEI LABO Co., Ltd. SAG-AFTRA (American Screen Actors Guild) Member / Kickboxing

about me_Hori Morio_堀盛雄

HORI Morio

Chef and Executive Chef

  • Tokyo/Japan

About me
He has been cooking since he was 18 years old. He moved to France at the age of 19 and studied under Alain Senderens, a major figure in the French culinary world. Mr. Sandlance’s French way of thinking is similar to Japanese food, and Japanese people thought of Japanese food, so he returned to Japan and trained at a Japanese restaurant in Ginza.
He hit it off with a Mexican customer (the first Japanese professional soccer player) and opened a Japanese restaurant in Mexico. The restaurant is based on the concept that “everyone can eat the original Japanese food deliciously”, and it is a great success in Mexico.
He is also enthusiastic about developing human resources, and he is generously communicating the cooking techniques he has learned so far. Also active as a villain masked professional wrestler (ring name: EL ENMASCARAD JAPON) in Mexico.
Currently, he is focusing on providing the taste experience of sushi and Japanese food to foreign tourists visiting Japan and disseminating Japanese culture to the world. 1st grade dresser / cook / health exercise instructor / judo 2nd dan / karate (goju-ryu) 2nd dan / amateur wrestling 2nd dan

about me_Lily_Maehara


SNS Overseas Marketers

  • Wisconsin/USA

About me
Responsible for distribution of social networking services for overseas, overseas market research, and video production.
Has lived in the United States for 10 years and is bilingual in English and Japanese.
Currently based in Wisconsin, USA. Majors in Communication Studies at Temple University.
Studying various fields such as editing techniques, digital design, photographic techniques, media production, and media studies.
Studying Chinese and Spanish. Committed to SHISEILABO Co., Ltd. from 2020.

about me_Hirotaka Takase_高瀬 大空

TAKASE Hirotaka

Development engineer and dancer

  • Gifu/Japan

About me
Started dancing at the age of 16 and traveled abroad with dance training mainly in Europe. He is also fluent in English.
Learned how to program because he saw it as an opportunity to work wherever he wants and he gradually become more interested in the IT field. He mainly uses Javascript & PHP and became independent as a freelancer in May 2020. He also works really hard every day to become internationally succesful in the IT field with his dance and english skills. Currently, he is contributing the development of SHISEI LABO Co., Ltd.

about me_Wataru Takeyama_武山和


CEO and Founder

  • Yamagata/Japan

About me
Graduated from the Department of Kansei Design Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University. Moved from Tokyo to Yamagata Prefecture in July 2014.
With a strong passion for improving the services of hot spring inns, which are a Japanese asset, he started a business as a web consultant and established SHISEI LABO Co., Ltd. in February 2015.
Contracted with multiple inns and resort hotels in Yamagata, Akita, Iwate, and Miyagi prefectures.
In 2016, he became an outside director of Hanamura Co., Ltd., which handles commercial ingredients for hot spring inns.
Engaged in the business of planning meals to be served at hot spring inns, selling ingredients, and improving management. On the other hand, in order to provide domestic travelers with activities other than accommodation and sightseeing, they started offering experience plans such as buckwheat noodle making and flower arrangement experience in Yamagata. There is also a sushi making experience service using fresh fish from Tsukiji and Toyosu in Tokyo.
We started to deliver the unique experience to people all over the world, and in 2019, we launched foodots. Experience (Premium Toy Box) as a service.
In 2020, we started providing foodots.EC (shopping site) service to deliver Japanese ingredients to the world.
Currently, as a cross-border EC, we are improving the service of foodots. EC, which delivers food ingredients worldwide. Our goal is to improve the service of foodots. EC and start selling internationally (10 major cities around the world) by 2025.



It is an organization that pursues customer value flexibly and continues to grow with a flexible mindset. We will create a new organizational culture that goes beyond the organizational framework.



Through the provision of practical services full of functional beauty, we continue to question and convey the essential value of things that exist in the changing world.



In the changing world, we will continue to put Japanese people’s spatial, cultural, and historical values ​​on the global standard.



Connecting overseas and Japan beyond the language barrier. Flexible response, flexible communication strategy, flexible service provision. Creating a flow of people and activating space

You are welcome to contact us by using the contact form or by email for more information about our business. Please feel free to contact us.

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Our history

Since 2015

We started with a consulting firm for hot spring inns in Yamagata prefecture in order to deliver Japanese assets related to nature, culture, food and architectures to the world.

communication is key

B to B direction support

Problem solving and profit contribution

We solve your company’s problems and contribute to profits. We find out the challenges of companies and services, and first analyze the market and industry. We then improve the management issues of companies and services and create new value by planning and executing new services and repairing and improving existing services. Since we have the staff all over the world, we have a lot of strengths such as overseas market research, marketing, overseas market development, and PR. We also propose an appropriate approach based on local primary information.

Operation / system construction

We will introduce systems for solving problems, rebuild operations, services, propose plans, and promote projects.

Online service

We perform project management of WEB application and App development.

Business content

Design production, video shooting, live distribution, script, narration, marketing planning, video editing, etc.
client satisfaction
Accepted Cases
Success Rate


Through Japanese food culture, we creating a platform where all people in the world can connect with each other regardless of gender, race, or historical values.

See foodots.

About foodots.

Online Movie food experience

foodots. is a service that provides videos of Japanese food and tasting experience. Food media that provides information on domestic restaurants, Japanese food culture and recipes to the world. This is a new service that introduces Japanese food culture (local cuisine, shops, dishes, recipes) to the world through youtube and videos.

Food culture “tasting experience” delivery

Distribute domestic “”tasting experience”” to the world. We provide services with youtubers in Japan and overseas, and posting information on restaurants is free.

Online food sales

Delivering delicious ingredients and handmade “”tasting experience”” to the world. You can enjoy the food of a luxury inn at home. We handle ingredients, gifts, and seasonal fruits from all over Japan.

Experience-based activity.

All SMBs and products in Japan will be transformed into experiential products. Your ordinary life becomes extraordinary.

Video shooting service

We live stream vidoes of food culture and tourism content from all over Japan.

2020 MAP

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in
——Leonard Cohen.「Anthem」

Your daily life is very special and unique to some people

Premium Toy Box Japan is a service that allows customers to experience the scenery and events of every place in Japan as a “special experience”.

foodots. Experience Japan

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5-12-8, Nakazato, Tendo-city, Yamagata, Japan


Contact us
(+81) 050 3136 2008

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TEL: +81 050 3136 2008
Email: operation@shisei-labo.com
Main office: 5-12-8, Nakazato, Tendo, Yamagata, Japan

Yamagata Labo: 4-8-17, Matsunami, Yamagata, Yamagata, Japan

Tokyo Office: 2-1-6, Yanagibashi, Taito, Tokyo, Japan

Established on February 9, 2015
Representative Director and CEO: Wataru Takeyama
Capital at the time of establishment 1,500,000 yen
Expected to be listed in July 2025.






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