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Our Purpose is to be a role model for social change. We consider it our Purpose to be an instrument of social change ourselves, providing solutions that enhance the quality of people’s lives. In our daily activities, we review Japanese culture and global content, unravel the processes that constitute them, and update them to new standards of value.

Corporate Mission 2025

We contribute to the design of life as people around the world do it, and we demonstrate the ideal of professionalism as a reality for companies around the world. In those activities, we practice management of higher quality than ever before and at the same time win in the market.

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Business To to TO C

We propose people’s life design based on our restaurant “uuan(yuyuan) Yanaka” in Taito-ku, Tokyo. We are looking forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in using our old private house space for sales.

Services that directly contribute to the enrichment of people’s lives.

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Professional Unit.

Business To to TO B

We are based in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture, a regional city in Japan, and provide services to businesses.
We are looking forward to hearing from you if you would like to demonstrate your IT skills, planning skills, and analytical skills.


Services for companies that support the enrichment of people’s lives


About Us


YOKUSURU (= to do well)
Community connecting individuals and companies (and society)

This service was released to the public in February 2022. YOKUSURU’s mission is “Individuals making companies better (YOKUSURU), companies making society better (YOKUSURU), and society making individuals better (YOKUSURU).


Supporting the IT of companies
Online Marketing

We build and implement marketing fundamentals. Our strength is that we conduct digital customer attraction from a “business problem identification” and “data science” perspective.


Japanese style organization building, IT service management
Full support for business expansion and new business development, etc.

We will propose and build businesses that utilize AI tools beyond online marketing.


Life Design
Services for individuals.

We are engaged in restaurant business in Taito-ku, Tokyo, as well as video distribution.



We believe that work should be fun and inherently satisfying. If we are not enjoying ourselves at work, something, somewhere, is wrong. It may be time to think positively and change and act. We believe that our growth as individuals and the long-term growth of our organization are most important. The purpose of our existence is neither to maximize profits nor to expand the size of our organization.

However, we must be a company and a team that provides profitable services with a global perspective. If we do not, we will not enjoy our work and our ability to provide valuable services will be constrained.

The flip side of the coin on which our common sense says “success” is not “failure” but “growth.

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We ask that you first fill out an entry form that will take about 5 minutes to answer. If you would like to hear more about the company and its products and services, you may schedule an online meeting.

We started restaurant management in Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo in May 2021. We serve raw tuna and gibier.